Bathrooms trends 2017

Bathrooms trends 2017

It is impossible to imagine modern human housing without bathroom. Bathroom – one of the major important premises, which are of functional character: here we make hygiene and beauty treatments, relax in a warm bath or under the shower, when working day is over, freshen up ourselves after the night’s sleep.

Bathroom design ideas 2017 are aimed making modern bathroom design stylish, comfortable, beautiful and fashionable, without sacrificing functionality.

Modern bathroom design 2017

2017 recommends making choice in favor of minimalism and simplicity. Pithiness of forms changes frilly lines and the fullness of decoration that is why high-tech style is one of the favorites in modern bathroom design.

You can be original in your bathroom space, and this creativity is available only for large bathrooms. In 2017 it is worth trying to place sanitary engineering or furniture items not at the walls, but, for instance, at the middle of the bathroom.

New ideas are outlined in the use of decorative materials. Ceramics, glass, wood, natural stone or its imitation are widely used in modern bathroom designs and will be at the peak of the popularity.

According to bathroom design ideas 2017 lighting is also changing and instead of one main light source will appear multiple lighting devices highlighting separate areas.

Topical decorative materials and tile in Bathroom Design 2017

As in other rooms of house, preference is to be given to natural materials, as they are traditional when you make a bathroom.

Ceramics, glass, metal, stone are classic genre for modern bathroom design. In 2017 this range is supplemented by wood. Wood or its qualitative imitation is used as a material for the wall panels, decorative elements, and furniture.

Stone (marble, granite, etc.) is a rather expensive pleasure. However, modern industry launching construction materials, offers a wide range of artificial analogues externally indistinguishable from the original. The stone is used to cover walls, floors, to make tabletops under the sink.

In addition to decorative stone, you can use brickwork forming an accent wall in the bathroom renovations. Floor covered with pebbles is an interesting stylistic solution; as if you are walking along the rocky beach.

Plumbing supplies in bathroom décor 2017

Without plumbing supplies, of course, the bathroom cannot simply be. Bath, sink, shower are indispensable elements which, as it appears, also influenced by fashion trends and bathroom decorating ideas. Bathroom design ideas 2017 prompts you to install bathtub with unusual shapes and even colors. Bathtubs are astonishingly varied: round, oval, egg-shaped, square, trapezoid and the choice is limited only by your preferences and size of bathroom. In short, Bathroom design ideas 2017 allow you to create the truly magnificent comfortable bathroom, where each held minute will seem a heavenly pleasure.

Top kitchen trends 2017

Top kitchen trends 2017

  • Tuxedo kitchen cabinets: Mix up a kitchen’s color palette with Tuxedo cabinets. Homeowners can do a literal interpretation with black and white, but Zillow Digs’ design expert Kerrie Kelly suggests using other complementary colors, such as navy blue and soft gray, for a softer contrast.
  • Hidden appliances: Ditch stainless steel appliances, which can feel cold and industrial, and switch them for hidden appliances that easily meld into the design scheme. Also, they provide an unexpected touch for potential buyers who plan on spending plenty of time in the kitchen.
  • Wood paneling: Transport your buyers back to grandma’s kitchen with wood paneling, also known as shiplap. Kelly suggests using white shiplap, which gives a clean, modern finish.
  • Mixed hardware finishes:Instead of going for a monochromatic stainless steel look, homeowners are choosing appliances and accessories with various finishes, such as gold, copper or pewter. The final result is an eclectic, one-of-a-kind space.

Fads to forget:

  • Speckled granite: Homeowners are no longer limited to granite countertops. Instead, they’re going for quartz, marble and butcher block countertops that are easier to stain and maintain.
  • Short cabinets: Ditch the short cabinets, and install taller ones. According to Kelly, tall cabinets make a small kitchen look bigger and brighter.
  • Dark brown wood and paint colors: According to Kelly, “bigger and brighter” will be the name of the game for 2017. With that, dark paint, accessories and wood finishes will go out of style.